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The Art and Craft of Rap Music

Then, the four most infuential rap albums of all time are discussed, chosen primarily based upon their influence in redefining the genre as it existed prior to the album. Some of the largest names in the rap music business are discussed and analyzed with particular respect to their technical and artistic merits, as well as their social impact upon the world.
Since its conception in the early seventies, rap music has been more than just a genre of music. It has become a street culture with elements that promote self expression and participation. Whether you call it rap or hip hop, it is the medium for urban-based creativity and expression of culture. This paper discusses the history and influence of rap, offering insight into a genre that is highly publicized on a global level but often ignored.
The beginning of hip hop has often been discussed and debated among those in the music scene. On one hand, it seems to be widely accepted that the birth date of rap was 1979, when Sugar Hill Gang released Rappers Delight, but the hip hop scene more likely began to form in the Bronx in 1971. The founder of hip-hop was rapper and first break-beat deejay Kool Herc. ...
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Rap music is a genre not to be overlooked. From the first breaks of DJ Kool Herc, it quickly became the defining voice of an entire youth subculture. Throughout the years, it has evolved into a political statement, and out again, devolving into a mix of violence and sexism…
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