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Essay example - Frank Wedeknds play Springs Awakening

Performing Arts
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This paper encompasses and analysis of Frank Wedeknd's play "Spring's Awakening". An understanding of scene analysis and theme extension will be shown during the analysis of the play. In addition, the information examined for the analysis and the scene analysis will present how the development of the play is supported by these factors…

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However, it was not actually performed until 1906. "Spring's Awakening investigates and explores the theme of adolescent sexuality in a noticeably modern and expressionistic approach. In nineteen episodic scenes, Wedekind imparts and communicates the stories of a few teenagers. It tells of the experiences and feelings of these teenagers as they move violently through sexual maturity. What the play examines is the lack of knowledge and sheer ignorance of their teachers and parents. In essence, the adolescents are having such a difficult time because of the ignorance of their elders who do not guide them or assist them in getting through this difficult time. In actuality, their teachers and parents are themselves sexually self-conscious, repressed and withdrawn. This becomes apparent in the scenes of the play and they present themselves well to represent this aspect of the teachers and parents as well as the struggles of the adolescents in the play. Wedeknd's Expressionism is unmistakable in his use of heavily stylized dialogue. He mixes this dialogue with lyrical and cutting irony with prosaic speech to create a seriocomic tone. In addition, Wedekind has a character return from the dead. This is significant because it is something that could not happen in naturalistic theater. ...
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