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Science fiction has led to many inventions and discoveries. Before the advent of rockets, fiction abounded with stories of man firing projectiles. Subsequently, there were stories of man himself flying, either with the help of machines or by his own efforts with prosthetic wings or wings growing out of his body.


The character of the monster is successfully used before large audiences to project the tendencies and capabilities of science.
From Frankenstein's monster we evolve with a genre of beings that are partly man and partly machine. These beings are subject to the same intelligence and information as man but have capabilities many times more than the ordinary albeit strongest man. They have the same success and failures as we do, they laugh, they cry, they move around, they drive, and they confront. Only their constitution is not ordinary flesh and blood (Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" (1818).
The use of special effects of the camera has added dimensionally to the creation of the man-machine. The camera gets hold of an object, its being, its motion and adds its own effects according to the techniques contained within its machinery. The use of these techniques follows the actions of the protagonist or antagonist, and accordingly they absorb the audience's attention, keeping their minds riveted in ecstasy or agony.
The sequence of the events that unfold from the beginning must be realistic enough to convince the common man, even if critics' opinion are or are not favorable. ...
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