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Student’s Name Course Name Instructor’s Name Date Reflection on Beauvoir’s work of Becoming a Woman Up to my teenage years, my family resided in a quiet suburban neighborhood that allowed me to get a perspective on how married life takes shape in one’s life.


They moved in when I had just joined high school and because they had a swimming pool my siblings and I were quick to offer them a welcome and forge a relationship with them. This resulted in us, mostly I as I particularly enjoy swimming and participate in competitions, to get an up close view of how they live. The couple, Richard and Sheila Peterson, was both in their early thirties and had no kids though occasionally their nieces and nephews came over as they offered to babysit for their siblings when they were otherwise occupied. Because of them, I developed a somewhat cynic perspective on the institution of marriage. This perspective first took root when they had a barbeque and invited everyone within the neighborhood. At the time, Sheila was working as a nurse at a private clinic in town, twenty minutes away from the residence. Her profession could explain her warm, outwardly maternal nature that saw her insist on having people over at their house on an occasional basis. The barbeque was on a Saturday afternoon and she prepared all the meals and drinks as well as looking after other people’s kids as they took a swim and played around. My first impression was that she must be a superwoman to be able to handle all that in such a seemingly effortless way. ...
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