The Moral Mind

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(Name) (Tutor’s Name) (Date) (Word Count: 1056) The Moral Mind Different ideas and contradicting viewpoints always play a significant role in making thorough interpretation of esoteric concepts. This essay would analyze two major critical study approaches of human behavior.


The opponents of this argument Ross and Nisbett reject this ideology and hold the view that human behavior is inconsistent across situations. According to Schwartz, one normally has interest for others and it is ‘opposed to egoism’ (148). Hence, at certain occasions people do act upon the interest of the others. Whereas, Ross and Nisbett understand this social psychology in a different manner as a kind of ‘fascinating things about human behavior’ which can either validate or contradict it (187). They understand that human behavior is mysterious and can act upon the circumstances and situations of particular time. Schwartz’s opinion is well substantiated with many evidences. He argues his point of view in the mental functioning of presumption, assuming to be true. Presumption is the very basis of his explanation of the existence of the concept altruism. A normal person holds an instinct to serve the other without making any preferences. Moreover, an altruist act is little or no at all profit or benefit oriented. To substantiate his argument he explains certain fields of study such as biology, economics and psychology. Whereas, he is totally being criticized by Ross and Nisbett as they stick on to a different and unique point of view. ...
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