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There are five major psycho-philosophical theories that are used commonly as explanation to the mind-body problems in humans and why they act in particular ways while they are in the society. The five theories include behaviorism, dualism, reductionism, functionalism and eliminative materialism and each of them has its own tenet in explaining the behavior of a person in a certain context (Turner 4-6). According to dualism perspective of looking at the human life, there are different sides of life that conflict or complement each other in the process of an individual acting in a context. For example, according to the theory, one person behaves in a certain way because of the moral dualism that exist between the people and which explains that there are two sides of morality. This means that a person’s actions can be either towards morality or against it, which is shaped by the various ways of defining morality from different contexts and societies or societal description of it (Turner 39-41). Behaviorism is a theory that explains the actions of an individual from the context of the past behavioral actions to predict because the theory argues on the bases of human experience in the society. This theory argues that what is manifested physically by a person can be used to explain the differences that are in the mind of the individual and people can use clear analysis of behaviors to give explanations that are relevant to predicting their behavior. This means that according to behaviorists, the behavior of a person is consistent according to the things they do or the things they engage themselves and if a person can be able to identify the trends of behavior of another, he or she can be able to predict the way the first person will respond to a situation (Turner 76). According to the functionalism theory, the mental constructs exist because of its function it serves and without such, it cannot be important to the individual who have them. This means the beliefs, desires and pain exist in the mind of a person because that person needs them to perform an action in the context he or she finds himself or herself. This implies that according to functionalist, mental constructs are void and irrelevant if they do not exist to serve any purpose in the person who has them whether they are perceivable to be good or bad (Turner 78). According to the perspective of the reductionist, a system that is complicated and has many constituents has an influence on the small constituents and they can be used to explain the constituent. According to these theorists, for example, in a society, the general culture shapes the behavior of individuals and these individuals can be used to explain the reasons why culture is the way it is. This means that the individuals in a certain context are dependent on the general context of behavior and therefore, one of them in that context can be used to explain why the groups behaves the way it does (Turner 93-94). The theory of eliminative materialism argues that there are no neural bases that can be used to explain various contexts of desire or beliefs of a person since they have poor definitions. These theorists instead argue psychological concepts of behavior and human experiences should be derived from the relationship it has with the biological ...Show more


Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date: Mind-Body Problem Describing the mind-body relationship is a complicated issue that many philosophers have tried to explain for many years and developed many theories that try to explain why people would behave in a certain way in various situations…
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