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[Student Name] [Instructor Name] [Course Name] [Date] Philosophy I. The question regarding you being a self identity remains complicated to answer because there are certainly many observations and definitions which have been studied in past many years. The factor to be noted here is that individual explanations to the question of sameness are given by stating that a person is born with a different personality.


Considering my position, I may consider soul to be the ultimate manner of allowing a person to be somewhat same throughout life. The first explanation is somewhat the most common where a person is shown to have a childhood. But it should be noted that this respective person has grown up over the years. This means that the person is not the same anymore. Thus, this clarifies that one cannot be same over the years if experience of living is the manner to claim difference of personality and identity. Secondly, the physical features are also marked to define a person’s identity throughout life but as a matter of fact, even the physical features would change with the passing of years. Thus, even this explanation regarding self proves to e unacceptable. Furthermore, it is the DNA which provides further definition to the concept of being you and sameness of you throughout life. In conjunction to this, it is evident that twins may have same DNA. It is due to this reason that DNA is another unacceptable definition to this question. As noted by the author, “The mystery of personal identity is figuring out how we can solve both the problem of difference and the problem of sameness” (Hales 151). ...
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