"preservationist" and "liberationist"

"preservationist" and "liberationist" Essay example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Preservationist and Liberationist Views Peter Unger in Living High and Letting Die presents what are two very different dilemmas of a moral nature. The tow scenarios give us insight with regards to the human condition in a way that humans are responsive to them, rather than simply in their context.


Looking at this solution with regards to the sedan issue, making moral decisions using the preservationist mode seems to be both plausible and reasonable. As stated by Unger, majority of persons would aid the birdwatcher in spite of any loss financially in order for him not to lose his limb. There is further proof for this sentiment from the class discussion as the majority of the class agrees that, helping the man would be the best solution in spite of the damage that would befall the sedan. Most people would not think twice with regards to aiding the man who is admitted to the hospital; if the man is bleeding in front of them in utter agony. However, when considering the UNICEF envelope, the preservationist solution will not fare so well and the liberationist view is the best. As stated by Unger, many people are likely to throw the envelope away sans any second thoughts. This would be their initial instinctive response, and they would not have any second thoughts (Nadelhoffer et al 42). However, majority would agree that, through the use of moral standards, it is imperative to help those who are hungry in the same way as one would help the man who is about to lose a limb. ...
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