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Epistemology of Retail Management Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Retail entails change of value of commodities and services from the wholesaler to the end-consumers. Retailers stock a variety of commodities in a single business avenue as compared to the other stakeholders in the supply chain that is the producers and wholesalers.


Philosophers have come up with theories best to meet varied retail management strategies and aligning them with varied customers’ needs with time (Tsoukas, 2005). Douglas McGregor in his book “Human side of enterprise” acknowledged an method of making an atmosphere in which employees are encouraged through imposing, direction and control or integration and self-control which he called theory x and theory y. Abraham Maslow on the other hand developed a scientific management approach called Third force psychology. In retail management, organization of employees is of paramount importance due to their respective roles in running the activities of the retail outlet. They may range from cashiers, sales persons to assistants on technical aspects of the products and services. Customers’ needs on the other hand are varied and keep changing with time, seasons and preference. With McGregor’s theory, retail mangers need to ascertain the optimum transfer of authority and/or power to their employees incorporating Abraham Maslow’s needs and preference principles to help run the retail outlet smoothly. The two theories have similarities and differences of which can be viewed in a business perspective to assist in analysis of their concepts. ...
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