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1. What is the view on writing that Plato outlines in the dialogue "Phaedrus"? Discuss how Plato brings this view forward. Although it cannot be understood that Plato gives a step-by-step discussion of how to create a superior work of literature within “Phaedrus” the fact of the matter is that a discussion on the importance of mechanics is most certainly evidenced within this brief work.


In short, Plato argues the fact that a proper speech, or rhetorical work of literature, must necessarily work together as a creature and is body parts all work together. Plato discusses this as the head of the creature leading into the body which is been supported by a series of appendages. Although this is necessarily a reduction with regards to the way in which a proper outline should help to support core arguments that the author seeks to make, it is nonetheless a useful way of helping to provide a metaphor with regards to the entire writing process. Although many writers seeking merely right from the top of their head without any clear indication of where their work is going or how they assume it should include, Plato is obviously of the mindset that a work of literature and/or speechmaking must rely upon the core fundamentals of the outlining approach that the illustrates and discusses. This should not be seen as odd due to the fact that none of Plato’s works, or the works of his contemporaries, were done in haste. Rather, they were thoughtfully analyzed, put together within an effective shell and presented to the viewing/listening/reading audience. ...
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