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Module 2 [Student’s Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Course Title] [Date] Module 2 Introduction The inquiry of any issue relating to social science is intrinsically based on two foundations. These foundations are ontology and epistemology, on the basis of which a significant research is conducted.


Regarding to this, the core purpose of this paper is to evaluate and understand the philosophical underpinning of different perspectives concerning knowledge and theory. As a matter of fact, there are number of paradigms which have been substituted in order to provide reasoning and conducting inquiry for a respective subject of matter. Careful consideration will be given to paradigms of inquiry including positivism, post positivism, critical theory and constructivism. Furthermore, the paper incorporates a framework outlining ontology, epistemology, methodology and methods along with distinction to all the aforementioned paradigms. This is to form a basis for the development of research protocols insisting understanding of the relationship between government and business impacting economic and public policies in Azerbaijan.  Subjective and Objective Perspectives Reality, knowledge and truth have been long debated by those who have tried to discover the meanings and indications within their environment. It is due to this reason that truth and knowledge have been discussed and interpreted by different schools of thought including subjectivism and objectivism. Herein, it is integral to note that objectivism view truth as a scientific figure which can be revisited and measured. ...
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