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Difference between rationalism and empiricism

Rationalism -Rationalism is a theory which is based on logic or rational. It is right that logic is predisposed with us who give us the ability to understand between right and wrong. If a person does not have logic then it is not possible for him to evaluate experience or gain knowledge. However, logic itself cannot give knowledge, as a human being is social beings some kind of experience can complete our knowledge level. The strength of this philosophy is universal and eternal which means that if one person can think then all others can as well. Rationalism makes us independent because we don’t need experience from outside to increase our knowledge. This philosophy believes in innate ideas and hence is natural and pure. The weakness of this philosophy is that only by thinking one cannot gain knowledge. For example, We can imagine of a strawberry of how it would look like but we can never think of its taste. This is because our brain does not have the faculty to give a sense of taste of aching which we never experienced.Empiricism -The main strength of empiricism is that it believes that knowledge can come only through experience which is obtained through sensory organs. We learn from scientific methods and experiments and gain knowledge more and more. According to this philosophy, the best way to understand things is to see with the eyes. The second strength of empiricism is that it gives experimental reasoning. Here the past experience and observation contribute to the gaining of knowledge. ...
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The essay entitled "Difference between rationalism and empiricism" provides the information concerning the concepts of rationalism and empiricism. It is stated that the epistemological philosophical theories of rationalism and empiricism can be traced to be of Greek origin. …
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