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Philosophy Difference between rationalism and empiricism The epistemological philosophical theories of rationalism and empiricism can be traced to be of Greek k origin. These both are the earliest traditional philosophy of Greeks. Rationalism differentiates between an empirical knowledge and priori knowledge.


Rationalism refers to the scientific method and the knowledge gained through it. For this very same reason, rationalist gives high importance to science. Plato and Socrates are major philosophers who support rationalism. Rationalism as a philosophy believes that if one can thing clearly and logically then he is disposed with the right knowledge beforehand itself without any experience. However, Empirical knowledge is related to material universe but priori knowledge need not require experience to be known. Empiricism is a philosophical theory which depends upon our senses whereas it argues that knowledge can be gained only through sensory experiences. It is a philosophy concerned with the knowledge of the world. John Locke is one of the known empiricist who was of the opinion that mind was at ‘blank state” at birth. Empiricism can be categorized into classical emphirism, radical empiricism and moderate empiricism Empiricism is related to posteri knowledge which means that knowledge can be gotten only through experience. ...
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