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Rationalism And Empiricism - Essay Example


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Rationalism And Empiricism

On the other hand, there are various philosophers who have utilized most of the propositions i.e. posteriori knowledge, the priori knowledge, rationalism and empiricism and epistemology in their experiments. For example, both posteriori knowledge and prior knowledge are used by philosophers to study the various fields of philosophy as both these terms are philosophical concepts (Lawhead 1-80). In addition, the concept of epistemology is utilized by the philosophers to a greater degree. In fact, this particular concept was used by a renowned Scottish philosopher named James Frederick. Rationalism and empiricism are also used by philosophers as these studies primarily deal with various functions and aspects that involve scientific involvements as well as human psychology (Lawhead 1-65). All the theories i.e. posteriori knowledge, the prior knowledge, rationalism and empiricism along with epistemology have key foundational principles that principally aim at one common objective i.e. gaining true and relevant knowledge. The basic foundational principles also aim at serving the goal of acquiring knowledge to provide help in the field of psychological as well as scientific studies. Thus, these theories can be considered to be very important. These theories also have important features that mainly comprise all those aspects that can be utilized in the process of gathering knowledge. All these concepts are given due importance as these are required at almost every level of knowledge gathering process....
The various aspects of knowledge that have been studied seem to reflect a rational and logical understanding in relation to the knowledge gathering process as well as modern psychology. It can be determined and argued that the concepts have a strong relationship with the scientific theories as well. All the theories thus provide a sound outlook (Lawhead 1-65). COUNTER ARGUMENTS Considering the evidences gathered, it can be counter argued that the specific concepts i.e. rationalism and empiricism have certain weaknesses apart from significances. It is observed that empiricism can be a manipulated process owing to the involvement of human beings. Conversely, complexity associated with innate knowledge at times makes rationalism process difficult to fathom (Lawhead 1-65).Rationalism process is considered to be little complex as compared to empiricism as it involves one more entity i.e. innate knowledge however, Empiricism is considered to be a simpler process as compared to rationalism. In relation to creativity, rationalism involves creative processes which trigger innovative working. In empiricism, creative processes are not followed. Rationalism process does not involve any kind of manipulations pertaining to human being which is a very positive aspect but empiricism process involves humans and their involvement is essentially guided and even manipulated in this process. Rationalism process does not seem to comply with the functions of scientific techniques and advancements whereas the empiricism process largely deals with the functions of scientific advancements. From the above distinctions, it can be evaluated that both empiricism and rationalism have their own individual benefits and both these concepts can be widely


This paper "Rationalism And Empiricism" will be to gather a deeper understanding in relation to the concerned concepts i.e. prior and the posteriori knowledge. In addition, the essay aims to identify the implications of both the knowledge processes in the physical world…
Author : raquelwuckert
Rationalism And Empiricism essay example
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