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Essay THESIS STATEMENT The main aim of the essay will be to gather a deeper understanding in relation to the concerned concepts i.e. priori and posteriori knowledge. In addition, the essay aims to identify the implications of both the knowledge processes in the physical world.


These concepts are a fundamental part of knowledge that share different meanings (Lawhead 1-80).Priori knowledge is a process of gathering knowledge by way of performing those activities that may relate to gathering information from the physical world. However, it has been argued that it does not involve any scientific methods or practical experiences in this system (Lawhead 1-80). Posteriori knowledge can be understood as a process of congregating knowledge which is attained by years of experience (Lawhead 1-80). This category of knowledge can be argued to develop over a period from a person’s interactions with his/her surroundings. Epistemology is a branch in philosophy that primarily deals with the fundamentals along with the possibility and nature related to knowledge. Epistemology is also called ‘theory of knowledge’. This concept predominantly deals with the basic fundamentals regarding knowledge and the principles that are needed to be applied for gaining knowledge (Lawhead 1-80). All the theories evaluated in this particular study reflect a great deal of plausibility because the determined theories have depicted a significant extent of relevance in three particular fields i.e. scientific studies, knowledge gathering process and psychology that primarily involve human behavior. ...
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