Ayn rand

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The 20th and 21st century have seen a great many theories put forward with regards to the way in which humans should interact and the means through which biology and psychological understanding have advanced. However, regardless of this increase in knowledge and the proliferation of theories and explanations that had come to exist during this time, arguably one of the most absurd approaches that has been taken is with regards to Ayn Rand and the “objectivist” approach.


Nevertheless, as absurd as the objectivist approach might be, this author will seek to understand and define the way in which Rand integrated with the concepts of self sacrifice and/or altruism. In seeking to define this, it is the hope of this author that a more nuanced and effective interpretation of what Rand actually meant can be affected. From the first reading that was presented, the court room speech from Howard Roark provides the reader with a solid interpretation of the fact that selflessness seemingly has no place within virtue. Rand goes on to explain that, “The degree at a man's independence, initiative, and personal love for his work determines his talent as a worker and his worth as a man". As such, it is the student’s interpretation that the objectivist standpoint is shortsighted, incomplete, and incompatible with an operational society. For instance, regardless of the philosophical prowess through which Rand presents this idea, it must be understood that an objectivist state and/or society has not once been exhibited on the face of the planet. ...
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