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Name: Professor: Institution: Date: The Soul of a Collectivist The soul of a collectivist is posited by Ellsworth M Tahoohey who claims that if one wishes to dominate mankind he needs not use violence or force, all he needs is to attack the man’s soul(Rand 68).


He says that the conquering of the soul is already happening in the world today as man has been made to believe that altruism is the ideal human state. That way people are encouraged to suffer and personal progress stagnates collectively for the sake of others, that is; the will of all, subjugated to the will of all. According to him, by teaching men to unite, as they are currently being encouraged to do son in form of nation block and other groupings, mankind is being manipulated to morph into a single neck on which they can be collective manipulated and enslaved. He argues that collectivism is designed to subjugate the individual and elevate groups; he postulates that one man is held as evil while society is seen as God, thus through collectives, the soul of the individual are slaughtered and the rest follows meekly. The soul of and individualist is advanced in Roark’s defense before a court He disputes the popular assumption that selflessness and collective ideology is the most beneficial and progressive altitude by saying that it is only through individualism that great achievements and discoveries have been made in retrospect (Rand 71). ...
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