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Physician assisted suicide - Research Paper Example

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Physician assisted suicide

Moreover, the analysis will be specifically concentric on attempting to answer whether or not physician-assisted suicide is permissible within the bioethical interpretation of maximizing the good to the patient. This is of course a tricky subject and one that bioethicists have continued to argue about for a great deal of time. In such a way, it is not the intent of this author to arrogantly state that a simple seven-page research analysis can answer the question once and for all; however, it is the belief of this student that seeking to weigh the determinants of physician-assisted suicide as compared to their drawbacks will help the reader to come to a more informed interpretation of bioethics and the practice itself. Firstly, with regards to the ethics of physician-assisted suicide, this is one particular ethical situation that provides extreme difficulty concerning what is the best path to choose. For instance, on the one hand, the physician is charged by oath, as a result of the Hippocratic Oath, to seek uphold life and avoid giving any harmful or toxic substances to the patient under his/her charge stop by the same token, the position is also charged to seek to ameliorate suffering at each and every juncture.1 Within such an understanding, the reader can come to full appreciation for how these conflicting responsibilities make the decision of the physician, with respect to aiding in suicide of the patient or not, an extraordinarily complex one. Secondly, with regards to the legalities of physician-assisted suicide, little has changed with respect to the way in which jurisdictions within the United States view and understand this practice. Ultimately, due to the fact that there is no level of differentiation between murder/manslaughter and the means by which a physician can seek to aid a patient and a painless transition between life and death, the broad majority of states and jurisdictions have continued to prosecute any and all doctors who engage in such a practice. Naturally, one of the most recognizable of these doctors was that of Dr. Jack Kevorkian; also referred to as “Dr. Death”.2 Whereas the practice has been legalized in many parts of Western Europe and elsewhere, it remains by and large prosecutable and ultimately illegal and dangerous for the physician who would seek to engage in it. Although there does not appear to be any current growth with regards to a societal appreciation and liberalization with regards to physician-assisted suicide, it must be noted that a gradual level of understanding has recently been engaged with regards to certain terminally ill patients choosing to end their lives with dignity as opposed to continuing a fruitless and hopeless struggle against of the seas that will ultimately destroy any and all quality of life prior to taking their own life in the final stages. As a means of understanding the ongoing debate that exists with regards to physician-assisted suicide, it is not only necessary to understand and appreciate the level to which the Hippocratic Oath, briefly discussed previously in this analysis, impacts ...Show more


One of the topics that has defined medical ethics within the past several decades is with regards to what is become known as physician assisted suicide. Whereas suicide has been an alternative individuals to into their lives since the dawn of human history, physician-assisted suicide is something of a new paradigm that allows for individuals who are otherwise terminally ill or have little hope of surviving a particular disease or illness to terminate their lives in what has been deemed as a dignified manner…
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Physician assisted suicide essay example
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Physician-Assisted Suicide
Making decision in the chaotic and confusing daily environment of human society is what characterizes problems individuals are subjected to. Consequently, numerous ethical problems have emerged that human finds it practically difficult to make decisions.
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Aid in dying or physician assisted suicide
This has been a great source of debate all over the world, especially in the legal, medical, and ethical fields where the practice has either received plenty of support or has been vilified as being unethical and at other times being inhuman. Others have come to take a neutral stand concerning the procedure, taking a wait and see approach to the issue because it is still one that is undergoing debate.
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Physician Assisted Suicide in the United States

The author states that one of the debates against the idea of physician-assisted suicide is because there is a belief that it will open the door to abuses. The true desires of the patient would be subverted to a system in which assisted suicide was a viable course of treatment, thus creating a pressure on patients to make use of this treatment.

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Physician Assisted Suicide
This may take the form of a physician providing a patient with information about lethal dose and sleeping pills while knowing that the prescription may lead to the patient’s death. Much as it is tragic, its proponents argue that some patients may end up deciding that death is the best option instead of undergoing such a miserable and painful experience.
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Physician-assisted suicide should be legal
Physician assisted suicide should be allowed in some instances and, therefore, legalizing the act will be vital.
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Physician-Assisted Suicide: Compassionate Liberation or Murder
She has also pointed out that in 2006 the Supreme Court supported the Oregon's physician-assisted suicide law, which allows terminal patients to seek the services of PAS legally. As the name indicates, Physician-assisted suicide, or mercy killing, is the termination of life with the help of a physician.
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Physician Assisted Suicide
Those against this practice on the other hand state that it is unethical for physicians to help their patients commit suicide when they have taken the Hippocratic oath to protect and preserve the lives of their patients. Both sides of this debate have made some very pertinent arguments in support of their sides and it has been very difficult for many societies and people to come to an understanding concerning this matter.
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Physician Assisted Suicide
Behind us we leave a legacy of new generations, happy memories, and a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, in a modern era filled with warfare, criminal acts, and ever more virulent and dangerous diseases many of us may find our lives end quite differently. People are faced with realization that a diagnosed illness will end their lives every day.
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Physician-Assisted Suicide: Compassionate Liberation or Murder
As the name indicates, Physician-assisted suicide, or mercy killing, is the termination of life with the help of a physician. Physician-Assisted
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Physician Assisted Suicide
People are faced with realization that a diagnosed illness will end their lives every day. They are told there are no treatments and no cures that will save you. Death
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