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One of the topics that has defined medical ethics within the past several decades is with regards to what is become known as physician assisted suicide. Whereas suicide has been an alternative individuals to into their lives since the dawn of human history, physician-assisted suicide is something of a new paradigm that allows for individuals who are otherwise terminally ill or have little hope of surviving a particular disease or illness to terminate their lives in what has been deemed as a dignified manner.


Moreover, the analysis will be specifically concentric on attempting to answer whether or not physician-assisted suicide is permissible within the bioethical interpretation of maximizing the good to the patient. This is of course a tricky subject and one that bioethicists have continued to argue about for a great deal of time. In such a way, it is not the intent of this author to arrogantly state that a simple seven-page research analysis can answer the question once and for all; however, it is the belief of this student that seeking to weigh the determinants of physician-assisted suicide as compared to their drawbacks will help the reader to come to a more informed interpretation of bioethics and the practice itself. Firstly, with regards to the ethics of physician-assisted suicide, this is one particular ethical situation that provides extreme difficulty concerning what is the best path to choose. ...
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