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Student Name Professor Name Paper Date The Analysis of the Stories: The Secret Loin and The Rocking Horse Winner Introduction The stories are meant to convey feelings and unmet desires and therefore, they do not have to make any logical sense. The general idea of writing the story is to challenge the current mindset.


The fear unknown and try to destroy it every now and then. In modern world of the 21st century managers are de-motivating juniors in order to strengthen and lengthen their professional reigns. Additionally, religious people are suggesting people not to think and continue to follow the old and obsolete ways. Both of the stories attempted to preach freedom of expression and pursuit of undying happiness. The story entitled “The Secret Loin” discussed two characters, whom were bored with exactitude of the routine. They were basically studying at Junior High School and there they were not permitted to have a conversation with anyone. They were expected to take classes and go home without thinking for a moment during the entire day. The thinking is the process that is the most difficult act for human beings. Most of the humanity wants to execute predetermined stigmata and manage the old routine (Gortner pp 85). The dedication and love towards routine forced history to record the names of those who really thought such as Einstein and Newton. The story at hand depicted a human urge and need to say what they want to say. The key student characters were not allowed to talk and therefore, they went to Arroyo that was an abandoned place, to get ventilate their emotions and frustrations (Gortner pp.86). ...
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