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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: The soul of a collectivist Roak’s in his speech illustrates that if a person fails to listen to his colleagues or his kinsmen, then he is not ready to listen to his speech. He contrasts current leadership style and form of ruling to initial forms of leadership such as the napoleon.


Taking into account leaders like peter who only believed that one’s somebody makes a mistake he should be given just some partial punishment to mitigate the action and let him go. Besides, the use of force, power and guns to offenders not only derail integrity, but also kill their personal aspirations. A person may not have full potential to a society, but the little contribution brought by such people should be trusted and their capacity for great achievements should be put into recognition. Good leaders should demonstrate happiness to their subjects. This is because happiness indicates a person’s free will to drive away all forms of evil as it encourages people to seek ideas and consolidate support and work together to a specific vision of the society. Despite such recognitions, people should be taught to accept the practice of good morals in the society. Unethical acts should be exposed to the people as deprival and sinful. This will drive in ideas of what is termed as sinful and could lead to disgraceful society. Besides, the ambitions of good morals should be cultivated at the fore front as this will make people develop a common good to the society (Lieberman, Richter and Rank). Societal leadership should embrace the doctrine of religion to the members of the society. ...
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