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Ayn Rand's Philosophy - Essay Example

Author : cordiasauer
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Sex should involve a very serious relationship since it involves a very important part of human life. Sex should be practiced with caution whether the relationship leads to marriage or not as that is a matter to be decided by the involved parties in the relationship…

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Ayn Rand's Philosophy

Sex is a physical capacity and its exercise is determined by a man’s mind by his choice of values held consciously and unconsciously over time whenever he is in love. Sex is an appearance of self-confidence to a rational man hence his choice of the woman is very vital for his status in the society (Rand 99). To a man who lacks self-confidence, sex is an endeavor to fake it hence acquires its brief delusion in order to be in the same level with others in the society. A man sexual choice is the results of the sum of his fundamental convictions hence can be used to gauge his entire philosophy of life thus he should make a good choice of a woman. Sex is the most important part of human life and thus should never be approached casually lest you fall into several problems, not because it’s evil but because it’s too good and too important. Sex should involve a very serious relationship since it involves a very important part of human life. Sex should be practiced with caution whether the relationship leads to marriage or not as that is a matter to be decided by the involved parties in the relationship (Rand 101) Marriage is a very important institution hence it should be a preserve for those who find partner in which they can comfortably stay with for permanent enjoyment. People who choose wrong partner for marriage may end up living a very miserable life which is equally hard to reverse. ...
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