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I will post all of information in word.

In addition, money is not capable of purchasing intelligence, admiration and or respect for any individual who does not have the capacity to hold these characteristics even in presence of more than enough money. Similarly, money does not attempt to buy brains for individuals who have powerful position in return for service because the individual mostly ends up frustrating him or herself to below the level of those who are perceivably weakened by the status of the individual’s money (Rand 101). Conversely, d’Anconia argues that although money does not purchase the necessary human characteristics in life, money is a rootless living power that acts as a means of survival. The kind of treatment that money gives on individuals depends on the source of livelihood that further translates into the anticipated life. In fact, what matters most is the means of achieving the money and the continuous engagement that tool of exchange has on the life of an individual. For instance, individuals are said to do odd jobs just to get a particular amount of money (Rand 103). ...
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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: The Meaning of Money Apparently, the world revolves around money. Every individual requires money at one point in his or her life time in order to meet the needs and wants to life a live that is fulfilling. According to the Francisco d’Anconia, a copper industrialist who has inherited an enormous fortune, money could insinuate various kinds of things in the life of human beings (Rand 97)…
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