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Theory of evolution

Thesis statement: The history, research and analysis, and discussion based upon the validity of the theory of evolution prove that the strengths overshadow the weaknesses of the same and future development in the field of modern science may prove its value as a scientific theory. Description: Evolution is the process of continuous change which occurs across generations. To be specific, evolution can be defined as the process of change and inheriting certain genetic characteristics which eventually leads to the formation of new species. There is a general misunderstanding that human beings evolved from apes. Instead, the supporters of evolution are in favor of the idea that human beings and apes belong to the same family, but human beings did not evolve from apes. So, one can see that evolution is the key element behind the biological diversity of the earth. Nardo (2009) stated that, “The ancient Greeks had the first known discussions about some concepts that later became part of evolutionary theory” (p.19). The most important characteristic of the evolution is that the same is a continuous process. ...
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Theory of evolution The vivid flora and fauna of the earth, which is symbolic of the evolution of life, inspired the imagination of human beings. Still, the theory of evolution is a controversial subject because evolution is a time consuming process which cannot be observed directly…
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