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Why does Buss think men and women sometimes pursue casual sex - Book Report/Review Example

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Why does Buss think men and women sometimes pursue casual sex

Secondary problematic issue is of course with regards to the fact that different societies around the globe interpret the interactions and behaviors, as well as psychology, of male and female members in different ways. As such, the interplay between evolutionary expectation and the way in which society demarcates these interactions must be wholly separated with regards to the way in which male and female exhibit differentials in behavior. Accordingly, the following analysis will be concentric upon delineating the differential that exists between a male and female sexual behavior and expectations. Although a great many works have been written with respect to sexual desire and categorically placed sexual desire as an overarching determinant of behavior among male and female, David Buss, in his book The Evolution of Desire, puts forward the belief and understanding that evolutionary explanations can be given with regards to differentials that exists between male and female expectations and subsequent behaviors with regards to sexual desire for partner(s). In this way, the following analysis will be concentric upon discussing a description and theoretical explanation for why men and women seek out sexual partners utilizing different approaches. Firstly, Buss denotes that the sexual activities of men can be understood in both the short and the long term. According to the analysis that was performed, the short-term approach for many men is a situation through which the man attempts to attract and made with as many fertile females as possible. The obvious evolutionary explanation for this has to do with the fact that the mail is interested in spreading his genetic information to as many fertile women as could receive it. Naturally, this short-term strategy does not place any emphasis upon the fathering of these children or seeking to distribute resources and establish any type of a stable environment for the offspring that would likely occur from these unions. Conversely, Buss also notes that an alternative approach, which is been evidenced throughout history, is a long-term relationship seeking male that attempts to engage with a single fertile woman and raise offspring with her. The natural biological explanation for both of these disparate approaches is of course the fact that the man is genetically predisposed toward seeking to maximize his genetic impact upon the environment. The interplay that of course occurs is with regards to the way in which the male and female interact with one another within this dynamic. In much the same way, by seeking to ensure that a higher number of fertile females are impregnated during the males lifetime, bus asserts that the predilection of males for younger females can ultimately be explained through an evolutionary standpoint of the fact that females of a younger age are more likely to reproduce and have a longer period of fertile years as compared to their older counterparts. Whereas this is oftentimes been accepted is merely a fact of human nature, Buss traces this to its source and explains a rational explanation and theorize nation for why this is exhibited the extent that it is. Although it is fair to assume that the male desire to procreate and spread his genetic information throughout the environment is a powerful indication for the way in which society and evolution has developed, it would be unfair to assume that the female role within this process is a passive one. From the information that was tabulated and analyzed, Buss found that women played an active part in the selection and mating process to the degree and extent to which they sought an older, more established a male with a relatively high social standing to ...Show more


Differentials with regards to the sexes are especially difficult answer. This is not due to the fact that evidence and/or data do not exist; rather, anthropological factors, sociological factors, biases, and a range of stereotypes threaten to cloud the way through which an individual might otherwise be able to interpret the differences that exist…
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Why does Buss think men and women sometimes pursue casual sex
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