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Current Ethical Issues in Business Author Institution Current Ethical Issues in Business Introduction Corruption has been highlighted as one of the biggest challenges impacting on both public and private business in contemporary times and remains a significant obstacle to sustainable development.


This has mainly emanated from the absence of transparency, consistency; accountability, coupled with institutional weaknesses within judicial and legislative systems have been a primary cause of corruption within companies. The paper explores ethical challenges associated with corruption and bribery in business. Business ethics has overtime attracted significant interest partly owing to the perception of crude capital tendencies, which elevate the making of profits relative to ethical making of such profits. The realization of corporate goals and objectives necessitates that business managers design relevant policies and strategies, which enable them to attain the set objectives and cope with the overriding business environment. Nevertheless, some of the corporate policies may offend ethical sensibilities (Trevino & Nelson, 2011). Background Corruption is a complex phenomenon covering a wide range of and its origin lies deep within political and bureaucratic institutions. Although, the costs of corruption may differ and systemic corruption may be accompanied by sound economic performance, studies on corruption demonstrates that corruption is bad for development. ...
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