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This is John Galt Speaking

It is not right to consider the novel as contrasting the “good” socialism and “bad” capitalism. This approach represents not only the simplification, but the aversion of the author’s message. The given paper will prove that the novel represents contrasting active, goal-seeking people and inactive individuals, contrasting those who values the reason and apply it properly and those who prefer to believe in what they are told to believe. The analysis of the Chapter “This is John Galt Speaking” shows that there are people, who want to set up the goals and reach them and the individuals, who do not want to have any goals, but they always have logical explanations to any failures. The author’s statement that active people make civilization develop is absolutely correct (Branden, 1962, p. 25). The author also presents the exact description of the mechanisms, due to which inactive individuals manage to survive on account of active ones. According to Rand, it is such situation that influences the society negatively and prevents it from the successful development. “You think the workers are the victims of capitalism? Seriously?  If working conditions suck that much, then just... stop working. If you really are contributing more than you're getting, then your demands for more will be answered; otherwise, stop fucking whining. ...
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Name Subject Date The analysis of “This is John Galt Speaking” by Ayn Rand Introduction Discussing the novel “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand, many readers would say that all the author’s main thoughts and beliefs are gathered in the Chapter 7 “This is John Galt Speaking”…
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