'civilization and its discontent”, Sigmund Freud

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In Freud’s terms it is impossible tom escape the view that people often use false principles of measure because of their quest for power, success and prosperity for themselves and esteems the qualities in other people while underestimating true value of life


Freud was controversial and influential and in “civilization and its discontent”, Freud explicitly argues that humankind is violent and cites different terrible instances that suggest part of humankind is violent and he refers to it as “the inclination toward aggression”. Freud suggests that humans were never meant to be happy because what is often referred to as happiness comes from satisfaction of needs, which are currently complex therefore from this nature is possible as episodes. However, in “Civilization and its Discontents” Freud emphasized the social role of superego in preserving social order by preventing and turning individual aggression against the society which result in increased discontent with civilization. Though Freud has less to say regarding the common defense against guilt; he manages to show that instead of being victims of sadistic superego people become its agent in the name of ideals, laws and ethics. According to Freud (p.66), conscience is one of the three functions of superego; however, Thrasymachus, the sophist, promotes doing away with justice as well as all moral standards when he breaks into the discussion angrily claiming to offer better definition of justice. ...
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