Descartes and The Matrix to address a topic

Descartes and The Matrix to address a topic Essay example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Descartes and the Matrix The purpose of this paper is to engage Descartes’ theory (Meditations 1, 2 and 3) and the movie ‘The Matrix’ under the topic that Rene Descartes posits the existence of a “malicious, powerful, cunning demon” in order to push his thought experiments to the extreme.


It is about human beings being deceived by their own senses into believing that the state of events in the world around them is true but in actual sense they are in a dream state. In analysing the film in light of Descartes first three meditations, the first meditation is about the things that people may doubt, the second about the nature of people’s minds and how it is easier to know it than the body while the third meditation is about God and whether he actually exists (Wilson 13). In the film, Descartes malicious and evil deceivers are represented by the agents within the matrix whose core aim is to hide the truth and cause doubt in our minds. They deny us the chance of actually differentiating between what is reality and what is false. In the first meditation, Descartes suggested that he believed not an optimal God but somewhat an evil demon was responsible for hiding the truth from him and thus leading him to spiral down a trail of doubts and scepticism that eventually led him to a possible truth that nothing is actually certain (Wilson 34). In the movie, the matrix is displayed as a program that is fed into one’s mind which causes the person to believe the reality of the false world that is being projected to them. ...
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