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Aristotle Introduction Aristotle was the diligent student of stalwart Plato. The school of Philosophy that Aristotle preached was known as the Lyceum. The works of Aristotle was diverse across various fields of study. Aristotle did not believe in the separation of the rich from the poor that existed in the Spartan civilization.


He posited that the citizenship of the people should not be classified on the basis of their possession of wealth but other features like their age. For example the older experienced lot would be the ones with mature thinking and the younger people would be those who are yet to pass through the stages of development. Thus according to Aristotle the older people who had more experience would be having a superior position as the citizen rather than the younger people. The older people would be wise enough to take the right decision in construction and execution of the government. He also mentioned that it was not possible to separate the outsiders of the state who took part in the affairs of the state from those who are actually originating from the state. He included in his theory the fact that the children who are born to the parents who are citizens would automatically become citizens of the state (Frede, 2005). Thus citizens have been perceived as those who are supposed to share the office of the government. Aristotle had conceived of a small state where the people would participate in the various kinds of political affairs and would comprise of the citizens. ...
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