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The Metaphysics of Morals by Emmanual Kant

Kant has spent most of his life in a German town, Konigsberg, which was located near East Prussia. He had also taught in the Konigsberg University and had maintained a descent reputation in all these years, thus by the age of fifty, much of his work on natural sciences as well as philosophy had been published and gained much momentum in the German literary community. Later in his life, Kant had attained such high regard in this context that his works stood out in comparison to Plato`s and Socrates` philosophies which was definitely an achievement for him. Moreover, Kant had the privilege to contribute for the literary community of Europe during the age characterized as the Enlightenment Era, which was an age of modernization and prosperity especially for the fields of academia, philosophy, literature etc. Thus, reasoning and logic were the dominant concepts being discussed and focused upon during the era, which is also reflected in the works of Kant. Kant`s inspiration or rather his mentor who drove him towards logic and rationality is believed to be the Scottish philosopher David Hume, who Kant himself has quoted at different points. Hume is the pioneer for incorporating causation behind everything, which implies that he believed that there is a reason behind everything. ...
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To shed light on the metaphysics of Morals, it is first important to study the context of the work. In this regard, Immanuel Kant and his background need to be discussed to locate the study within a framework. …
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