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Essay example - ethics

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Name Surname Professor Name Subject Date Ethics Introduction: According to Aristotle’s Function Argument, it had been stated that “the human function is the activity of the soul that expresses or requires reason” (Pritchett). Although Aristotle had based his argument presenting eight arguments for the human function, yet the arguments faced several criticisms, as many of his arguments had raised questions on the minds of the critics…

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Aristotle’s Human Function Argument: Based on the human function argument, Aristotle had argued that a clear concept of happiness can be realized if the human function could be studied and understood. It reflects that every function or activity of human beings contains the goodness or happiness in it based on rationality of the function. Thus with the rational part of the human soul performing an activity or a particular function, the goodness or happiness takes place. Aristotle had considered happiness to be the best good that could have happened to a human being. Thus in order to determine the goodness in man, Aristotle’s function argument states that the function of the human needs to be ascertained. Also, according to him, human life has been stated to be common to plants, as well as to animals thereby having an active life element with rationality (Korsgaard 129-132). ...
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