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In this respect a feminist can be defined by this model as being a person that believes that this model fundamentally fits the given situation that is faced by women more appropriately as compared to the manner in which it fits the situation faced by men, this is regardless of the society in which the person is seen to be in. However, of note is the fact that this definition does not imply that all different types of feminists believe that the prime oppressors of women is men – some types of feminists tend to believe that the main real oppressor is the society we live in, and that men too are also oppressed by the actual rigidity of the roles that society is seen to force them to adopt. Types of Feminists There are a number of different types of feminisms each with its own established beliefs and philosophy. The different types of feminisms are seen to variously include: Socialist feminism Radical feminism Equity Feminism Social Feminism Social feminism is seen to be primarily bent on the development of a political practice and theory that will serve to essentially synthesize the best aspects of Marxist tradition and radical feminism while at the same time attempting to escape the innate problems that are seen to commonly be associated with them. Socialist feminism is seen to share a common view with radical feminism in that social feminists tend to believe that the existing older political theories are rather quite incapable of giving a relatively adequate account of the oppression faced

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Feminist movement
Additionally, the main aim of the social movements is related to the power inequalities, possession and income of different classes of people. In the similar context, it also focuses on the formation of cultural and personal individualities. Different non-material needs have been stimulated through the main stages of life shifting only the human satisfaction of economic needs which have repeatedly been highlighted as the sole concerns of such movements.
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Pragmatism and Feminist Epistemology
This thought took its birth in the 19th century in United States. William James is regarded as the man who came up with this theory while the man himself insists that the primary originator of this philosophy was Charles Sanders Peirce, about 3 decades before it was hailed as James's originality.
3 pages (750 words) Essay
Feminist Art
During this time, several female artists flourished and contributed immensely to the movement. Simultaneously, the works of many erstwhile female artists were revived and designated as being feminist in nature. Over the years, the attitude to these art forms has undergone a major change.
11 pages (2750 words) Essay
Feminist Criminology
There is a range from Marxist and Socialist to Liberal feminism addressing the "gender ratio" problem (i.e. why women are less likely than men to commit crime) or the generalisation problem (i.e. "adding" women to male knowledge, by which the findings from research on men are generalised to women).
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Feminist Archaeology
The authors wish to show the areas where feminism could make a contribution to the greater discipline of archaeology both presently and in the future. The subject of gender, which according to the authors is one which has of late received increased attention, is
2 pages (500 words) Essay
Feminist Analysis
The “Window” is one of the most challenging stories in the collection "Twilight of the Superheroes." This story sketches the quest of a clueless young woman, Kristina, who flees her hometown after her year out
3 pages (750 words) Essay
Hence, she has become the icon of feminist thought. Thesis statement: The analysis of Sojourner Truths contributions to Feminist Thought and my understanding of the feminist thought based on her life experiences prove that
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Feminist organizations
In seeking to understand the group to a better extent, it is necessary to integrate with an understanding of their goals, mission
2 pages (500 words) Essay
Feminist Theory
The feminist theory is one of the theories developed to enhance gender relations and advocate for equality for both genders with a purpose to promote the well being of
4 pages (1000 words) Essay
Feminist Therapy
efore, feminist therapists focus on understanding the social and cultural setups in which an individual lives in order to understand his or her problems. Feminist therapy emerged after an evident dissatisfaction with the traditional therapies that did not give regard to the
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by women and that it is therefore necessary to develop a new set of economic and political categories. Also similarly to radical feminism, social feminism also believes that these categories must be developed in a manner that they will be able to give a modern way of understanding childrearing, personal maintenance, childbearing and sexuality in economic and political terms (Jaggar 536-537). One of the aspects of social feminism that I tend to agree with is that, socialist feminism tends to recognize all the existing differences such as sex and age as being constituent parts of contemporary human nature and subsequently seeking a possible manner of understanding them in both a historical and materialistic manner. Perhaps the most agreeable aspect of this type of feminism is that it also does not view humans as being genderless and abstract individuals with women generally being indistinguishable from men as is the common belief in some aspects of Marxism and it is this that can be viewed as providing this form of feminism with the best justification (Jaggar 539-549). Radical Feminism In addition to the shared belief that the older established political theories are generally incapable of giving an adequate account of the oppression that is seen to be faced by women, radical feminists also believe that the application of historical materialist methods that were originally developed by Engles and Marx is required in the adequate accounting of capitalist patriarchy. I believe that the best justification seen to be afforded to radical feminism essentially pertains to the fact that the main political theory governing radical feminism tends to only recognize the two differences of sex and age, and usually views these two as being determined biologically (Jaggar 533-536). In this respect, I believe that radical feminism is seen


Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: A Critique of the Different Forms of Feminism What is Feminism? The definition of feminism as a concept is seen to be wrought by a number of different definitions which are all individually shaped by type of feminism that is being practiced by the individual…
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