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Plato Republic

The Socratic dialogue that was written by Plato around 380 BC focuses on defining what is justice and character as well as the order of a just man. This piece of Socratic dialogue further seeks to establish if indeed a just man is happier than a man who is unjust. In particular, this essay aims at supporting the arguments that were presented by Plato of which the main argument is that “the best form of government, aristocracy, will eventually devolve into the worst form of government tyranny.” This key argument is built on the premise that there are five forms of governments that comprise of lovers of honor also known as timocracy. The second form of government is lovers of money also known as oligarchy. The third form of government is lovers of freedom also known as democracy. The fourth form of government is the tyranny while the fifth form of government is the lovers of excellence, which is also known as the aristocracy or enlightened monarchy. Objectors of key premises Of all the five forms of government, aristocracy is touted to the best since it is widely considered good and just. ...
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This present philosophy essay is based on the arguments that were presented by Plato, in his Socratic dialogue that was titled “The Republic.” Plato is among the most renowned Ancient Greek philosophers who made a significant contribution towards intellectual and historical works of political theory and philosophy…
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