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THX 1138: passive culture and individuality - Personal Statement Example

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Name Tutor Course Date Movie Review- THX 1138 by George Lucas The movie THX-1138 was produced and directed by George Lucas, and set in an underground society controlled by technology where “video cameras monitor everywhere, computers record everything, and life is completely controlled” (“THX 1138”)…

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THX 1138: passive culture and individuality

Passive culture and individuality are some of the themes that this film reflects. This paper presents a discussion on passive culture and individuality based on Lucas’s movie THX 1138. The theme of passive societies prevails in Lucas’s film. THX-1138 reflects a future society where some members of the society are hopeless to be active to better their lives and improve their living conditions. For instance, in this film, THX disappear due to his power to continue fighting the rest of the society. Furthermore, LUH breaks the law in order to give individuality to THX and later she proves that she is capable of giving up her own life and that of her child. This movie presents a dark and deep outlook of the future where societal members will have no place to work as technology dominates, and a society without any leadership (“THX 1138”). Generally, individuals are afraid from escaping from the society like SEN who was not capable of escaping from the society even if he was in the worst part of the society claiming that he has nowhere to go. The film THX 1138 is a reflection of a threatening future society where everyone is controlled wherever they go and are not given any chance to make self-decisions. It shows how society can be controlled by technology and societal members are left inactive and cannot perform some important tasks in the society. ...
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