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Evaluation of the WikiLeaks video : We steal secrets. The story of a WikiLeaks from the critical thinking perspective - Term Paper Example

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Evaluation of the WikiLeaks video : We steal secrets. The story of a WikiLeaks from the critical thinking perspective

Wikileaks is an immensely complex organization and in the film the author tries to shed light to its activities the background of its founder Julian Assage and the controversies surrounding it. In this film, the audience may decide for themselves if its founders and members qualify to be considered criminals especially by the US government or heroes in the fight for freedom of expression. Gibney tries to portray the documentary to appear unbiased by presenting events without openly consenting to pass judgment regarding Wikileaks by rendering both the positive and what has been perceived as negative activities attributed to the organization. From a critical perspective, one must ask themselves several questions in regard to the documentary; why for instance is Assange in exile today, does he really deserve to be hiding away from his country? In addition despite the fact that he may have broken rules, are these rules that allow people to get away with atrocities such as the ones shown in the collateral murder video really fair and just? The film includes interviews of several individual including Assange himself and Michael Hyden former director in both NSA and CIA and other relevant individuals. Assange explains that Wikileaks was necessitated by the fact that the US governments was keeping a lot of secret information from the public mostly for political reasons and whistleblowers often risked exposure if they followed regular channels. He shows, collateral murder, a controversial video containing leaked footage from an apache helicopter in Afghanistan where American troops shot a journalist and then killed a father and two children who had stopped to assist whereby all the dead were unarmed civilians. Evidently, Bradley Manning emerges the ultimate tragic hero of the film being a young man fraught with issues of gender identity and troubled by the atrocities he witnessed in the army he was working for (We Steal Secrets: The story of WikiLeaks). Throughout the film, the issue of utilitarian ethics keeps emerging and one is forced to ask whether Wikileak’s actions in exposing government secrets are more justified than the governments need’s to keep some issues under censorships possibly for the greater good. The information Wikileaks kept leaking even after the arrest of Bradley who allegedly sent it to Wikileaks caused a major controversy and resulted in Wikileaks being accused of having blood in its hands. The online publication of leaked information is said to have directly resulted to fatal consequences for some local informers who were working with the US government. Despite being aware the information could potentially, as it did, lead to dire ramification, Wikileaks published them anyway. Assange is said to have claimed that if they were cooperating with the American government, they had it coming for them anyway; however, he has never confirmed or denied the allegations. Despite Gibney attempt to covertly drive a wedge between Manning and Assange by creating the impression that Assange abandoned his young protege as collateral damage. This contradicts prior information from the film to the effect that for the sake anonymity and security Wikileaks tried to know as little about their sources as possible; in fact, ...Show more


Name Institution Subject Date This paper is a critical analysis of the documentary film “We Steal Secrets: The story of WikiLeaks” directed by Alex Gibney and produced by Jigsaw Productions in January 2013. It is a forensic examination of the story of Wikileaks and how the founder Julian Assange became one of the world’s most famous whistle blowers through revelations of government and corporate secrets world over…
Author : adriendicki
Evaluation of the WikiLeaks video : We steal secrets. The story of a WikiLeaks from the critical thinking perspective essay example
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