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Sensory Perception Name Course: Critical Thinking-PHI210 Professor: Dr. Miller Date: 17 October 2013 Explanations leading to belief in the accuracy of sensory data are inclusive of different factors that allow perception to take place, and as a result define the degree to which we can deem information as valid.


This means that whenever a certain sensation is perceived through the different senses of the body, information becomes processed as per what has already taken place in the past making it an issue of associating events. As a result, this is backed by the Pavlovian theory of reinforcement, and this makes information to be perceived as accurate provided a given stimulus is introduced every time to produced similar effects (Ban & Gantt, 2008). However, this pavlovian theory plays a significant role in labeling sensory information as inaccurate in events when experience contradicts sensory input. In most cases for sensory information to be perceived as inaccurate, a process termed as the construction of doubt takes place within an individual, whereby it creates a break down in the association between stimulus and expected results (Asratyan, 2001). The breakdown in belief takes place slowly and accounts for the largest factor that leads to inaccuracy of sensory information due to the presence of contradicting experiences from time to time leading to inconsistencies in perception of stimuli. In order to believe in sensory information, an individual’s intent also features in that it all depends on what the individual expects to perceive or gain from the sensory experience. ...
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