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Why should anyone study philosophy?

The meaning of this is that as long as an individual has his ideological persuasions guiding his life’s decisions and principles, that person may be said to be having his own philosophy. This means that philosophy can be defined broadly or even narrowly, depending on a person’s preference (Proffitt & Webster). The broad aspect of philosophy and its definition are underscored by the fact that during the classical era, even linguistics was considered part of philosophy. In itself, the phrase philosophy is a Greek compound philo and Sophia, meaning loving and knowledge, respectively. Although one may compound philo and Sophia and conclude that philosophy is the love or quest for knowledge, yet this definition barely suffices. Philosophy is indeed a love and a quest for knowledge but not all love and quest for knowledge are philosophical or philosophy. One can agree with Wallenmaier’s attempt at a more tenable definition of philosophy as the attempt to acquire knowledge by rational means, concerning topics which are not amenable to empirical investigation (Wallenmaier, 340). ...
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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, philosophy is the study of fundamental nature of knowledge, existence and reality, especially in academic discipline. …
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