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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Ethics Ethics refers to the critical and systematic assessment of morality, of the moral components that direct human behavior in a specific practice or society. Ethics presents queries about how people should act in associations and how they should coexist with each other.


It also entails the study of common values, for example, natural or human rights, the significant equality of all human beings, obeying the laws of the land, and concern for safety and health (Singer 14). Ethics can help me live a better life. The role of ethics in the society is extremely significant because it is the basic standards and beliefs that make everything function properly. Ethics is included in all institutions and organizations around us whether social, political, religious, lawful, or medical. Ethics may help in improving my life by giving me comfort in knowing that I have the capacity to choose between the right and wrong. For instance, I am able to live a better life because I believe doctors are ethical and can trust their diagnosis. If ethics did not apply in various areas of life, for example, medicine, a number of health professionals may deliberately misdiagnose their patients for the purpose of getting money instead of improving the wellbeing and health of the patient. In addition, ethics can help me live a better life through business. Ethics gives me comfort that a business exchange will not fall through. In today’s world, contracts and laws are put into effect to ensure that the business exchanges are favorable to both parties and that these parties will keep up their side of the deal. ...
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