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Explain the true-justified-belief theory of knowledge we discussed in class.Then make up your own Gettier case and explain why i - Essay Example

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Explain the true-justified-belief theory of knowledge we discussed in class.Then make up your own Gettier case and explain why i

However, despite the acceptance of the JTB theory, there is so much consideration to be done around the epistemology of knowledge development. For that reason, a theory of justification is required, which will lead to answers from the question that the subject (S) is justified in holding the belief that the proposition (p) is factual. Therefore, warrants to be treated like knowledge – if a theory of justification supports the belief. Discussion The conditions required for the true justified belief theory are based on the regard that there should be the subject (S) that holds the proposition in question. The first condition for the theory is that there should be a proposition, which should warrant the subject’s treatment that it is factual and one warranting to be regarded as truthful. The second condition for the theory is that the subject (S) should be one who believes that the proposition in question is truthful (Pritchard, Millar & Haddock 22). The third condition is that the subject (S) should be one who can offer a justification or one who identifies with a justification that supports their belief in the truthfulness of the proposition in question (p). ...Show more


Name: Tutor: Course: Date: True justified belief theory and a Gettier case Introduction The justified belief theory is the philosophical model developed by Plato and adopted by philosophers for the modelling of knowledge. The theory is based on the assumption that knowledge is developed using the solidification of justifiable truthful beliefs (Fogelin 32)…
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