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What Is Buddhism? Is It A Philosophy Or Religion?

This proliferation contributes to the emergence of different cultures while maintaining basic beliefs based on Buddha’s teachings. Studies indicate that the term Buddhism has its origin from the West as opposed to the practitioners. The different cultures provide a variety of interpretations of Buddhist teachings leading to vigorous debate on the practice. This necessitates the goal of this paper, which seeks to explore Buddhism from its philosophical and religious perspectives. As a religion, Buddhism involves basic religious aspects with regard to a godhead, creation theory, and faith. The godhead is manifested in Buddha, an Indian prince renowned for his wisdom while faith develops from the dependence on divine authority. Faith entails believing and upholding Buddha’s teachings. Buddhism indicates that there is no deity involved in creation of the world nor was there a beginning in the universe. In essence, there only exists a transformation of matter to energy in an endless cycle of coming to being while the concept of beginnings according to Buddhists exists only in the realm of illusion. These elements are borrowed from the predominant Brahmanical traditions that were the major religious practice in ancient India. It is important to note that Buddhism emerged from the conservative social force in ancient India having rejected some aspects of the dominating religion (Oslon 3). ...
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In the modern society, Buddhism is seen as a religion and more so as a way of life that is characterised by following the teachings of Buddha. With its origins in ancient India, Buddhism spread throughout Asia and is practiced the world over…
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