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Atheism [Name of the Student] [Name of the University] Atheism The concept of God is the creation of humans for promoting their psychological and physical wellbeing. The following discussion proves this contention. The Freudians attributed a psychological origin to belief in God.


Scant credibility need be attributed to any denial of such interpretation, due to these wishes being chiefly unconscious (Vitz, 1999). However, some scholars had contended that religion must be comprehended on the basis of the conditions responsible for its origin. These were the outcome of economic, political and social forces, as these factors effected human alienation at any specific location and period. Religion had been deeply challenged by Karl Marx. It was his contention that religion was a symptom that became an integral component of the corrupt social and political order, and that it served to preserve the very issue that it attempted to resolve (Wildman, 2010). As such, Feuerbach and Marx would have been in complete agreement with regard to the notion that religious self – alienation entailed a duplication of the world into a transcendental religious world and the reality of this secular world. It could also be presumed that they would have concurred that the humanly projected features of God were correlated to the needs of humans (Brien, 2009, p. 108). According to, Feuerbach and Marx God was created to substantiate the selfish needs of humans. Furthermore, this correlation would have provided counterbalancing completion due to belief in a fictional divine entity. ...
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