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Analogy of "Being" According to Aquinas.

He continues by stating that the relationship is not univocal or equivocal. By negating the term univocal, Aquinas means that the relation between man and God is not absolutely similar because there is a clear distinction between human beings and divine beings. Aquinas also says that the relationship is not equivocal, as this would mean that man is completely different from God. This would be in contradiction with the fact that man is made in the image and likeness of God, even though they are not equally similar. Thomas offers the solution by introducing analogy, where he states that human beings are analogical to the divine being. This means that, the two beings are similar in kind but possess a great difference in their existence. Therefore, human beings are analogical to God in that they are made in his image but do not possess the infinite characteristics that God has. When describing the term being, Aquinas agrees that it refers to all existence when ambiguously defined. It is an analogical term but only involves one concept, which is existence. When predicated univocally, the term being refers to a specific life form, for example a dog. When predicated equivocally, the term being refers to a genus, for example an animal like a dog or a donkey. ...Show more


In order to understand Aquinas’s doctrine on analogy of beings, it is crucial for one to first gain meaning of the terms that he uses to explain the doctrine. Firstly, Aquinas enlightens an individual on the existence of a relationship between man and God, which he terms as analogical. …
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