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Normative Theory

The assumption of restricted autonomy of the media professionals implies that the government is not always appreciative of the efforts of media and may also feel threatened. This causes them to exert influence on media professionals thereby obstructing the flow of transparent information. But there are other reasons as well why media professionals may not be completely independent. The degree to which a media professional is conscientious various widely and some professionals may be driven by personal motives and interests that can result in deviation from ethical standards. The case is not new but some media professionals may readily be influenced when given unethical monetary benefits. The influence can be exerted by any institution or individual. However, such cases are common where the government hold is not strong and regulated, and therefore, various other players have immense power to influence. Such governments are characterized by weak relationships between the media and the government due to lack of support and insecurity. The postulate that media professionals possess the right to security and protection in view of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights becomes important when media professionals are threatened due to their profession. Media professionals may be threatened due to various reasons and in most cases is due to the content of their work. The matter can sometimes become so serious that a professional threatens his or her life in bringing out the reality. ...
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The author of the essay "Normative Theory" investigates the nature of this notion. According to the text, normative theories follow ethical standards through a process of rational reasoning. Notably, the theories deal with one of the most critical factor – morality. …
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