What Does it Mean to Be Well Educated?

What Does it Mean to Be Well Educated? Essay example
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According to Alfie Kohn people are only perfect with what they have specialized in. To be well educated can be defined as a situation where an individual can think deeply, function highly and be professionally successful in the field they have specialized in.


” It examines the way Quebec had organized its education system to make sure that their students were balanced in all fields and could use the acquired knowledge in the future. The Paper identifies some elements of Quebec and their weaknesses. It also explores the problems faced by the Quebec education system. It is also expected to compare the Quebec education policy and in this paper it will be pragmatism educational philosophy. Characteristics of well-educated people will also be examined (Lin, 2005). Introduction Education happens to be the key of professionalism in the modern society. The modern society is very dependent on education because it depends on ideologies and well organized strategies for its growth and development. This explains why people in the modern society do effort to make sure they are well educated. To be well educated is a very critical topic, the fact is that individuals are only well educated in a certain field but not in all fields. This is where professionalism and division of labor comes in; division of labor is a situation where individuals get involved in doing what they can do at their best. It is not funny to meet individuals who have specialized in medicine and cannot discuss a concept from the field of literature or individuals from the field of literature who cannot solve a simple mathematics problem (Kohn, 2003). ...
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