A utilitarian approach to poverty

A utilitarian approach to poverty Essay example
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Utilitarianism as a philosophy and point of view is focused upon achieving greatest good for the greatest number of people. It therefore sheds light on the moral issues and where to take moral actions regardless of the overall consequences of such actions on the individuals if that moral action actually results into the greater good for greater number of people.


Singer further argues that people in rich countries spend their income on things which are effectively useless for them. Singer therefore argues that if people can actually curtail their expenses on unnecessary things and donate them, they can actually contribute towards the improvement in the lives of many. Singer’s thesis is critically more important because it outlines the need to have a broader and compassionate view of the poor of the world and how their lives can be improved with just little bit of effort. Singer therefore suggests that rich should help poor because their help will actually result into greater good for the greatest number of people. He also provides the analogy of Bob Bugati and suggests how people from developed world actually ignore how a small time effort can save lives. Singer than suggests that there may be certain objections as to whether the funds donated or the help provided by the Westerners actually end up being utilized properly. There is a clear argument of whether the aid or the donations offered at the personal level can actually be utilized for the purpose for which they are given. ...
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