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Personal ethics Name Institution Date Personal ethics Ethics has been defined as the moral principles and accepted behavior code in respect to a given community or a group of people. The Hispanics found in the United States have recorded the highest population growth among the minority.


Acculturation forms a key component when studying the ethical aspects of a certain group of people such as the Hispanics. It is described as cultural modification usually among individuals, group of people in terms of borrowing, adaption and the merging of different cultures resulting from prolonged contacts (Noble, 1991). The underlying precept of ethical competence entails valuing and respecting the various differences in practice among cultural consumers. Originating from several groups, the Hispanics have differing, economical, physical and social attributes that are likely to make them posses varying ethics. They share values that are Hispanic in nature integrated with indigenous cultures and languages. In the United States, some groups have clung to their traditional rituals and language. Under Hispanic ethics, the mother is responsible for family and home while the man is regarded as family head. Within a family and to the community, the children have moral responsibility that entails good manners, respect for the elderly and authority. It should be noted that the Hispanics take great value in preserving their traditional language through education. Formal tendency is a common practice among the Hispanics. They highly regard firm handshake as an expression of greetings. This is also applicable when leave taking. ...
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