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Title Name University Course Instructor Date Introduction Sport utility vehicle (SUV) is said to be automotive and is defined by its capacity of passengers and cargo. It combines both passenger-carrying and cargo-ferrying role in a double-box design with two closed cargo and passenger compartment which is contrary to a pickup truck.


Discussion Basing our argument on Ethical reasoning in the environmental justice movement it is right to understand the fact that being knowledgeable on environmental justices important as it shows social engagement to surrounding. Recently theologians have developed the term eco-justice to reflect a universal religious aspiration for right relationship between humans and the earth, putting special attention on vulnerable people and the earth's creatures at risk of greed and destructive human activities. At this point, it is good to support the idea of not buying a SUV due to its following negative impacts as argued by ethical scholars on SUVs. They are threat to the environment as they are observed to use a lot of gas, more than most other cars, so there is more gas emissions which adds to the problem of global warming, (Bradsher 23). A case study findings is given of SUV owners who were fined almost $9 billion to $350 for gasoline in the year 2002 in the USA far much compared to if SUVs were as fuel-efficient as average car. Therefore it is not economically fit to buy a SUV. Apart from being harmful to owners, SUVS are also dangerous to other motorists as they are larger and heavier compared to many vehicles on the road. ...
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