The Idea That Lesbians Are Not Considered Women As Presented By Hale

The Idea That Lesbians Are Not Considered Women As Presented By Hale Essay example
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Hale, in the essay “lesbians are not women” presented a number of arguments why lesbians are not women. Citing Monique Witting’s study, he presents a number of reasons why lesbians are not women.


To be a woman, one has to have the female gender, and thus, referring to lesbians as being non-women means that they are bad people and this implies that they are incompatible with being a woman. The second argument that Hale raises in support of his argument that lesbians are not women is the interconnection between sex, heterosexuality as political regime as well as the concepts of being woman and man. The paradigm of the very definition of being a woman, argues Hale, is the difference between the two sexes, which are either male or female, but nothing in the middle. Lesbians qualify neither as men, nor as women. One has to be either a woman or a man, and this qualifies them for marriage. However, women do not qualify for such an institution, and thus, lesbians are not women. Further, if the concept of heterosexuality is removed from the picture, it would be wrong to say that women make love top fellow women. This cannot happen in such relationships, as such, the heterosexual concept comes about in support of lesbian relationships. Hale draws a number of conclusions from the arguments rose. That the category of sex presupposes of there being an existence of a discourse in which sex is binary, then, man and woman are exhaustive, yet, man and woman are opposite but complementing. Additionally, he holds that in the discourse of heterosexuality, the categorization of sex subsumes, conforming to the reality. He also believes that being a woman, it means having a binary relation with a man. This is the main reason why Fansto held that men and women are different from each other. However, this is not true in a lesbian case, as there is no binary relationship between a man and a woman in a lesbian relationship. ...
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