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Philosophy - Moral Theory - Essay Example

Theories have been developed with time with an aim of expressing long time thoughts and admiration of a phenomenon in order to convince society or a certain setting on the importance and relevance of the subject matter. Majority of theories are presented through generalized abstracts illustrating the theorist’s conclusion or view over particular phenomenon and/or estimated/ forecasted strategies of achieving and understanding the same phenomenon but on a broader perspective. In contextual and epistemological analysis, theories differ with hypotheses in that they provide explanatory framework for some observations which are a product of testing the hypotheses; designed to support or challenge an argument that forms the basis of the theory 1. In a nutshell, theories are based on the conscious thoughts; analysis, applying logic and finding sense in order to establish or verify facts, beliefs and/or practices, basing the argument on facts and new set of real or perceived information. With this, theories can either be strong or weak depending with the phenomenon at hand and the contextual application/reasoning of theorists in line with the currency of information or the setting/audience.1 In this paper we shall look at the strengths and weaknesses of Joey’s theory and consider the plausible way of improving the theory and later evaluate modification to see if really improves the theory. Strengths Joey’s theory passes the description aspects in that it provides language that makes discriminations

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Moral Philosophy
"Even in applied ethics, awareness is often missing. The tone of much writing suggests that John Stuart Mill is still alive and that none of the twentieth centuries has happened. (‘Never such innocence again' has not been applied to ethics.) [Glover hopes] to help change this by encouraging an idea of ethics as a more empirical subject."
10 pages (2500 words)Essay
Nietzsche Moral Philosophy
He looked at morality as a commitment to metaphysical and empirical claims about human agency. He also looked at the impact of morality on the norms and values of human beings that became considered higher than others. His ethical views were a combination of the implicit theory of good and an understanding of human perfection.
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Moral Journeys Philosophy Essay
Garrett Hardin’s article “Lifeboat Ethics: The Case against Helping the Poor” presents solid argument against helping the poor. In author’s view, generosity towards the underprivileged nations is an ethical misconception. The arguments Hardin provides can be grouped in three categories: metaphors, utilitarian, and relativist arguments.
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Moral Theory
These cases are examples of a social group or culture making a moral judgment on behavior. Morality seems to shift like quicksand as we travel from our inner social circles to larger cultural groups and the interacting people of the world. It is often on a continuum that has no set boundaries and no well defined rules.
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Moral, Social and Political Philosophy
Its moral priorities are assigned to male interests and have the effect of denying women of their humanity, discounting their morality and subordinating, neglecting and undervaluing their interests. Because of the trends of women's liberation, the flaws only became subtle but nevertheless they still may be discerned upon closer inspection.
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Practical Anthropology and Moral Philosophy Distinction
The difference between Kant’s moral philosophy and the empirical moral philosophy is that the later is biased towards the posterior principles or those that are garnered through the observations and experiences of human beings. Kant, using this distinction, referred to the empirical moral philosophy as moral anthropology.
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Philosophy Contemporary Moral Problems
It is difficult to talk about natural rights in the sense that to own a right means to be in a position to benefit from the duties enjoined on others, and that any
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Immanuel Kant Moral Theory
Although deontological theories were in existence long before the Kant was born, he emerged as the most celebrated proponent of the theory. It is founded on the basis that human beings are rational and should, therefore, act in accordance with their moral duty.
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Confucian Moral Theory and Practice
Morality issues as a central theme of Confucianism. Either an individual or society conceives morality as a set of codes of conduct that are acceptable. Morality refers to a code of conduct that all rational individuals within a group or society would support. The traditional Confucian morality is highly concerned with how individuals ought to live.
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Elements of Moral Philosophy
The concept of utilitarianism is built on the idea that the basis that every moral reasoning depend on the happiness or unhappiness of individuals. It is based on Bentham's idea about utility and how we chose the best possible outcome from other that seems optimistic.He offers a clear course of action that eliminates confusion.
6 pages (1500 words)Essay
in experience; it labels variables and gives them their relationships satisfying the “what is it” question of theories. 1Jaccard, James, and Jacob Jacoby. 2010. Theory construction and model-building skills: a practical guide for social scientists. New York: Guilford Press. For instance, by justifying that moral agents should cause pain/suffering and clearly sensitizing if and only if the pain is necessary, and later showing the relationship of the pain with the importance to the affected or the society at large; qualifies the description clause making it a strong theory. The theory also satisfies the explanation and prediction goals in that it seeks to illustrate to the reader the relationship between variables under different conditions which guide in extrapolation of expected outcomes that have not yet been observed; giving magnitude, direction and influence thus satisfying both the “how does it work” and “what happens next” requirements of a good theory. By defining how moral agents should solve their conflict stage by stage and defining the magnitude/causative clauses of how the importance of a goal rationally dictates the moral aspect in decision making which based on how these decisions may affect them2, give the theory much strength. By arguing that it is morally permissible for a dentist to perform, as painlessly as possible, a root canal on a child for therapeutic purposes, this theory satisfies the parsimony test in that it explains the reality of considering the pain caused and to some extent giving the range/magnitude; which is later justified by the conventional aspect of therapeutic processes which in many occasion may seem pain less than non-therapeutic measures. By reflecting on the outcomes of actions by the moral agents such that the principles in their moral obligations might conflict and/or lead to conflicting actions; defining the procedural aspect of decision making to ascertain the 2Northouse, Peter Guy. 2004. Leadership: theory and practice. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Sage best principle and the identification of resulting consequences, the theory satisfies the power clause/requirement by illustrating the control/intervention aspect thus answering the question of “how can we influence it” and/or “what can be done about”? The idea that moral agents should respect the autonomy of others and the requirement by the agents to be rational in identification of goals; considering their proposed actions
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Theories have been developed with time with an aim of expressing long time thoughts and admiration of a phenomenon in order to convince society or a certain setting on the importance and relevance of the subject matter…
Philosophy - Moral Theory
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