What Makes Right Acts Right and Wrong Acts Wrong?

What Makes Right Acts Right and Wrong Acts Wrong? Essay example
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Mug shots have been a subject of discussion, regarding their appropriateness or inappropriateness in being published by sites that require payment to pull them down.


This antagonism emanates from the fact that the owners of such sites hold the opinion that they are just displaying public documents, which can in turn make the public make informed choices while dealing with the individuals in question (Segal, n.p.). However, the affected individuals, whose mug shots appears on such sites are feeling offended, considering that some of them could not have committed any wrong, and they were cleared by the authorities of any wrongdoing. Therefore, the consistent display of their mug shots is tantamount to defamation, considering that they may not have been guilty of an offence, and even for those who could have been guilty, they may have transformed their lives. ...
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