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Name Instructor Course Date NIST Investigation on Collapse of WTC Building 7 The discussion around the official NIST investigation team on the WTC building 7 collapses shows their findings as emphasizing on the fact that the fires and plane crushes were the main cause for the collapse of the buildings.


As a response to the criticism NIST tried to provide a more technically advance explanation of their initial proposed theory that explained the collapse of the towers initiation while completely trying to remove the fault from the construction of the buildings. In their report, they stated that the impact from the planes dislodged the steels insulations, and due to this, the steels succumbed to the extreme fires. Portions of the perimeter walls were then pulled by the sagging trusses, which caused rapid spread of the perimeters columns and made them unstable. In addition, contributed to the increased strain on the core columns, which had already been weakened by the extreme fires, lastly the floors above the collapse zone produced a tremendous energy that eventually led to the global collapse of the structure ( The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)). With the above review of the NIST investigations final report, it is clear that their analysis was not confined within the perimeters requirements of engineering investigations since they exhibit exclusions and biasness on some of their research. ...
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